Our Partners

Grombach (Germany)
Our partnership with the Grombach factory started in 1996. In this period Dolemn produced exclusively furniture components in a grate variety (over 250 tipodimension pieces )
The main types where:
- bed legs
- curbed furniture doors for different sizes
- bed-plates and furniture legs
- slats and consolidation elements
- knobs and pulling handle for drawers and doors

The France Furniture Company and its Romanian Branches
The partnership started in 2002, till the present day Dolemn has produced over 60 tipodimension of pieces
The main products for these furniture factories are:
- drawers for furniture
- components and small furniture from massive copper beech wood and sweet cherry tree wood

Quadra S.A.
The partnership started in 2003.
- Furniture from the following categories: Chest of drawers, Cabinet, Night stands, China-closet, Tables, Dowry chest from spruce fir wood

Mobilux – Parisot Grup Franch
The partnership started in 2004, till the present day Dolemn has produced over 20 tipodimensions of pieces.
- crowns
- lathed table and bed legs
- drawers and other elements of furniture

Why Dolemn?

Our company has a rich experience in working with wood having the possibility to adapt to the clients needs.
Dolemn clients are in general furniture producing companies that integrate in their products components manufactured by us.
The company has the ability to expand, it has space and building for new activities.
Dolemn`s staff of workers and technicians are qualified craftsmen, the factory is located in a area with wood craft tradition.
Dolemn has its own lumber drier.
We have a constant relationship with first hand materials providers.
The factory is suited with high-performance equipment for working with wood.
Our rich experience in producing for our beneficiaries from other West-European countries can bee seen as a proof of our seriousness in our relationships with our partners and in our high-quality products and services.