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Elements and parts of furniture

The main beneficiaries of DOLEMN TRADE are furniture producers from Western Europe, i.e. Germany, United Kingdom, The Netherlands and France, or their daughter-companies in Romania, for whom the company made in the last 12 years a large range of elements and parts of furniture made out of massive wood of different species and finishing, ready to be mounted on the furniture production lines.

The ordered elements and parts of furniture require an important volume of manual work, elements and parts that cannot be easily made even with the most performing machines as it require the use of profile models and devices for gluing more semiproducts with various angles and planes, followed by milling and sandpapering on complex trajectories and geometry.

Thus, the local tradition in wood processing, the workers’ experience and the determination of the board of the company were put into value, within the factory being realized various devices, models and specialized machines which enabled the execution of the elements with high quality and productivity.

The main types of elements and parts are:

  • table legs, bed legs, furniture made by complex milling with special models, turning
  • straight doors for furniture, curved doors for bookcases, wardrobes
  • base elements, crowns for cabinets, chest of drawers, night tables
  • sets of handles and buttons for doors and drawers
  • drawers of different sizes, with dovetail joints, processed with special machines like the double-sided machine for sandpapering and calibrating drawers.


By accumulating the experience from the serial production of elements and parts of furniture, at his partners’ request, DOLEMN TRADE started to produce complete furniture, fixed or demountable, for furniture distributors and whole-sellers. All production is to be exported.


Windows and doors made out of multi-layer wood

Beside the main activities, the company has also developed the production of windows and doors made out of multi-layer wood and termopan glass for the internal market and wooden elements for constructions, thus adapting to the increasing demand on the market for ecological windows and doors made of wood.

DOLEMN TRADE, having a solid experience in wood processing and possibilities to expand and diversify the production, shows its interest for contacting new clients who are looking for the products and services the company can offer.