Curve doors

Manufacturing process:
- lathed
- milling cutter contoured
Bed legs

- Different models and dimensions to depending on the beneficiary`s project, manufactured in series from different wood materials: sycamore maple tree, beech tree, alder tree, birch tree; dress in nature or colored varnish.

- Nature varnish
- Colored varnish

Consolidation elements
- Different sizes, different shapes
The same essence
The same finishing
Bed-plates for furniture
- Different sizes and different types depending on the specifications of the beneficiary
Different sizes:
- the same
Furniture elements
Different sizes, types and essences
Table and chair legs


Manufacturing process :
- lathed
- milling cutter contoured

Bed-plates and legs for furniture
Different shapes, sizes, finishing's and essences
Knobs and pulling handle
Knobs and pulling handle for doors and drawers